Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does The Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions Work?

Generally people experience decreased pain and improved function.

Yes, our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions are absolutely safe! Our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions utilize the safest and most effective non-invasive therapy options to date.

Every patient of our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions are different and may require a different amount of therapy sessions. Therapy also depends on the injury. We determine therapy for each patient during a thorough Evaluationination and assessment of the injury or condition. Additional sessions may be provided if new injuries occur or if degenerative injuries begin in other areas. Most patients who try our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions experience pain relief and are able to improve from various injuries.

All patients are different and may require different improvement times. Improvement time greatly depends on the focus area or problem. However, many patients have experienced little to no down time.

At Advanced Health Wellness Center, we individualize our therapy plans. Your success greatly depends on the plan specified for you. You will receive in-office advanced therapy solutions, assistance with rehabilitation, and an at-home exercise program to continue your improvement.

As with all medicine, there is no 100% guarantee with the Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions. However, we do cover expected outcomes during the initial consultation. Depending on your condition, additional options may be necessary. If after thorough evaluation we do not believe we may help, we will refer you to someone that can.

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