Ozone Therapy

Millions of Americans suffer from joint pain that gets worse over time. Joint problems are more common as we age and often cause a reduction in quality of life and significant social and economic burdens for those inflicted with it. Joints under high stress due to repeated activity or weight-bearing, including the hips, knees, hands, and spine, are commonly affected by joint diseases like osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a common cause of joint pain. It is often referred to as degenerative joint disease and is a slowly progressive disease caused by joint cartilage deterioration. The cartilage on the ends of bones allows smooth, pain-free joint movements, but when a person has osteoarthritis or another from joint disease, the cartilage is thin and irregular. These results in pain and joint stiffness and are often accompanied by grinding or cracking sensations.

Patient receiving Ozone injection to relieve lower back pain

How Ozone Therapy Works

The go-to treatment for joint pain is pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots, and sometimes even surgery or joint replacement. Unfortunately, none of these treatments help treat the underlying cause of joint pain, and many of these treatments have harmful side effects. At Advanced Health & Wellness Center, we offer our patients an alternative therapy to the usual treatments for joint pain, like surgery or joint replacement.

Ozone therapy uses a naturally occurring gas that consists of three atoms of oxygen. This therapy has shown to be effective in reducing inflammation and balancing free radicals in the body. Over time, patients experience less pain and an improvement in function within the affected joints.

At Advanced Health & Wellness Center, we will begin with a thorough consultation and Evaluation to identify the cause of your joint pain in order to prescribe the most effective treatment plan. So, if you have been dealing with osteoarthritis or any other degenerative conditions, we may help you figure out if Ozone Therapy can relieve your pain. We can provide a treatment plan and get you started on a path to a pain-free life. Give our office a call today at (330) 583-5530.

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